NexOptic selected to demonstrate technology to General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada
Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
First technology demonstration in the Defense Sector

NexOptic Technology Corp. is pleased to announce that it applied, was selected and demonstrated its technology for General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada Small and Medium Enterprise/Business Initiative. NexOptic was one of two SMEs selected to integrate its technology over the General Dynamics’ Future Tactical Network (“FTN”) – a secure LTE network designed for use in emergency and defense operations.

Using its proof of concept prototype containing the original, and patented, Blade Optics™ lens design (see Company press release from February 21, 2017 for further details), NexOptic demonstrated video feeds through the secure network from a field reconnaissance position displaying a target approximately 13km away. The initiative was held at the Calgary General Dynamics facility and led to multiple demonstrations for General Dynamics’ clients. The demonstration utilized General Dynamics’ Future Tactical Network, which allows for secure LTE & Wi-Fi communication between vehicles, command centers and headquarters, as well as allowing non-secure traffic to be broadcasted without affecting the secure channels.

John Daugela, CEO of NexOptic, stated, “We are grateful for the opportunity General Dynamics provided our team in showing members of the defense industry potential use-cases for our technology in a new sector.” Mr. Daugela continued: “Utilizing General Dynamics’ Future Tactical Network, we showed strong compatibility with our proof of concept and demonstrated its usefulness in acquiring targets at long range without the need for a deep lens stack. I believe our novel proof of concept prototype integrated very well with General Dynamics’ Future Tactical Network by allowing for long range image sharing across an innovative platform.”

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