Van Dam supplies High Blast proof doors to Dutch Navy Frigates
Friday, Oct 27, 2017
Van Dam BV has been awarded a contract to engineer, manufacture, supply and supervise the installation of blast and fire rated doors for the LCF frigates for the Royal Netherlands Navy. Van Dam will be supplying the patented explosion proof Nadam Design 4 doors for all the LCF frigates which are currently undergoing an extensive refurbishment and upgrading program.
The LCF frigates are 4 frigates of the Dutch Navy which have been delivered between 2005 and 2007. The frigates need to be in operation until (at least) 2027. In order to make sure the frigates meet the highest specifications and requirements, the Dutch Navy has decided to invest in an extensive refurbishment and upgrading program. Part of the upgrading program is the replacement of existing blast doors for the lightweight explosion proof, fire rated watertight Nadam 4 Navy doors.
De Zeven Provinciën-class frigates are highly advanced air-defence and command frigates in service with the Koninklijke Marine (Royal Netherlands Navy). This class of ships is also known as LCF (Luchtverdedigings- en commando fregat, air defence and command frigate). The ships are similar to the German Sachsen-class frigates in role and mission. During international exercises performance of the sensor suite and weapons platform have been proven to be exceptional and 'best in class'. Furthermore, the hull is designed to resist high impact, and the Van Dam doors fit the design principles in a perfect way.
The Nadam Design 4 door has been developed in close cooperation with TNO and is a lightweight explosion proof, fire rated watertight navy door. The Van Dam Research & Design department developed this door in 2000 and in the meantime these doors have been supplied to several high tech navies around the globe. The most important feature of the door is the fact that it is very light but also explosion resistant up to 1000 kPa explosion pressure. The door is designed such that the kinetic energy of an explosion is absorbed by a “membrane” in the door frame, in combination with a special locking design between door leaf and frame, ensuring a locking position within less than milliseconds, and enabling the door leaf centre plate to have a thickness of only 4 mm steel or stainless steel. This means that the door is lightweight and easy to operate. Next to the fact that the door is blast rated, the door has also been tested and certified for fire rating (A60 – 60 minutes over 900° Celsius, and meeting these Solas/IMO requirements up to almost 2 hours with a temperature rise far above 1000 ° Celsius), Shock Tested, Gas tight and watertight.
For Van Dam the award of this project means that perseverance and hard work pays off, as the enquiries and first discussions for this project started already back in 2003. Over the last year it became evident that the existing doors needed to be replaced and detailed discussions with the Dutch Navy have been held in order to come to a detailed scope of work. The scope consists of several port visits to the vessels in order to assess the site conditions, followed by the detailed design and engineering of the doors. Currently the fabrication of the doors is ongoing and first deliveries are planned to take place before the end of 2017. Van Dam will also be involved in the installation of the doors on-board the frigates as this is a crucial part of the scope in order to guarantee proper functioning of these doors. The complete project is scheduled to finish in 2021.
Next to the supply of high specification navy doors, Van Dam is also specialized in the supply of fire and blast protective products and solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry, the Offshore Wind Industry and Infra and Defence market. The main scope of supply consists of fire and blast rated walls, doors, windows and heat & wind shield cladding.
With more than 110 years of experience, offices and production facilities world-wide, Van Dam is proud to be supplying these products to the Royal Dutch Navy and contribute to the people safety on board the frigates.

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