Federal Fleet Services showcases Canadian shipbuilding at its best at DEFSEC 2017
Wednesday, Sep 06, 2017
Federal Fleet Services will be presenting their flagship project, the first Resolve-Class Naval Support Ship, at DEFSEC 2017 in Halifax on September 6. Federal Fleet Services is a sister-company to Davie Shipbuilding and is sponsoring the DEFSEC Atlantic conference prior to opening a major operations sub-centre in the city, during the fall.

It is expected that the first Resolve-Class Naval Support Ship will initially homeport from CFB Halifax from the end of this year where she will be used to ensure that the Royal Canadian Navy can sustain itself as a true blue-water navy and expeditionary force.

Spencer Fraser, CEO of Federal Fleet Services commented "It's great to be here in Halifax where we are opening a new operations sub-centre to manage Canada's next naval support ship from and where our teams will be working from. Tomorrow we will be giving participants at DEFSEC an insight into how Canada's largest, highest capacity and most experienced shipbuilder – Davie Shipbuilding in Québec – delivered this complex naval shipbuilding project on time and within budget. This program will have an enormous economic impact here in Halifax."

According to OMX, through the creation of the operations sub-centre in Halifax, Federal Fleet Services will create 718 jobs annually in Nova Scotia and create over $1.8bn in total economic output and over the coming 10 years.

Alex Vicefield, Chairman of Davie Shipbuilding added "The Resolve-Class Naval Support Ship program is testament to the fact that Canadian shipbuilders can in fact deliver programs on-time and to budget, if managed correctly. Having proven it can be done, we stand ready to assist the Canadian government in any way necessary to ensure the success of future shipbuilding programs. We also look forward to building a deeper connection between CFB Halifax and Québec City during the upcoming tender for the in-service support, repair and maintenance of Canada's existing frigates. These are ships our teams are very familiar with having both built and refitted them."

For more information, please visit: http://www.davie.ca/

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